Best of the Left Podcast : (2011/09/02) Fighting to avoid game over (Climate Change)

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Edition #524

Fighting to avoid game over

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Act 1: Sen. Bernie Sanders against building Tar Sands oil Pipeline - Green News Report Air Date: 8-18-11

Song 1: Safety Dance - Men Without Hats

Act 2: Exxon Montana Oil Spill Lies - Young Turks Air Date: 7-06-11

Song 2: Because the world needs to know -

Act 3: Protesting Obama to Stop Keystone Oil Pipeline in Alberta's tar sands - Majority Report Air Date: 8-22-11

Song 3: A change is gonna come - Ben Sollee

Act 4: Activist McKibben: Tar Sands pipeline is climate game over - Countdown

Song 4: Show me something new - Shout Out Louds

Act 5: Global Warming Denyers, RicK Perry's 'Climate Gate' - Green News Report Air Date: 8-18-11

Song 5: Soft serve - Soul Coughing

Act 6: Fox Rips Huntsman On Global Warming - Young Turks Air Date: 8-29-11

Song 6: Turn back time - Freedom Call

Act 7: Scientists Trace Heat Wave To Massive Star At Center Of Solar System - The Onion

Act 8: Conservatives Avoid Global Warming Talk During Heat Wave - David Pakman Air Date: 7-27-11

Song 8: Little furnace - Jim Guthrie

Act 9: Fox Anchor's Global Warming Question Leaves Bill Nye Speechless - Media Matters Air Date: 7-28-11

Song 9: Science is real - Theyu might be giants

Act 10: Heatsteria - Colbert Report Air Date: 8-09-11

Song 10: Under the sea - Samuel E. Wright

Act 11: Thom Hartmann talks about Al Gore's Rolling Stone article - Thom Hartmann

Song 11: La Valse d'Amélie (Version Orchestre) - Yann Tiersen

Act 12: Fox News Declares War on SpongeBob SquarePants - Media Matters Air Date: 8-4-11

Act 13: Record Breaking Temps, James Inhoff thinks it's a Conspiracy - Green News Report Air Date: 8-23-11

Song 13: Kilimanjaro - Emma's Revolution

Act 14: Miners Trapped In Life-Threatening Mining Jobs - The Onion Air Date: 8-16-11

Song 14: BotL Promo (Instrumental) - Chris Priest

Act 15: Limbaugh: Air Conditioning Tricks People Into Believing in Global Warming - Media Matters Air Date: 7-26-11

Act 16: Why Is Tim DeChristopher the One in Prison? - The Progressive Air Date: 7-28-11


Kudos on handling controversies and suggested topics - John In Tulsa, OK

Thoughts on boycotts - Matt from Alabama

Voicemail Music: 

Loud Pipes - Ratatat

Turtle (Bonobo Remix) - Pilote

Ghostwriter - RjD2

Final comments breaking down Daryl's pro-meat voicemail

Bonus iPhone/iPod Touch App Content:

GOP Not Eager To Help Hurricane Victims - Young Turks Air Date: 8-29-11

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Jay! Tomlinson

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