Best of the Left Podcast : (2011/09/08) Perry, Bachmann and Obama (Elections)

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Edition #526

Perry, Bachman and Obama

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Act 1: Romney 2012 - Corporations are People - Colbert Report Air Date: 8-11-11

Song 1: You've got a friend - Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

Act 2: Rick Perry Scariest 2012 Presidential Candidate Nuts, But Could Win - David Pakman Air Date: 8-16-11

Song 2: Wait Up (Boots Of Danger) -Tokyo Police Club

Act 3: The Lone Star State Beginnings Of Rick Perry - NPR Air Date: 8-13-11

Song 3: Sowing the Seeds of Love (iTunes Originals Version) - Tears for Fears

Act 4: Rick Perry, Thug - The Progressive Air Date: 8-16-11

Song 4: Piazza, New York Catcher - Belle & Sebastian

Act 5: Indecision 2012 - The Media Runs To Paul Ryan - Daily Show Air Date: 8-17-11

Song 5: Fluffy Little Clouds - The Orb

Act 6: "Gov. Supercuts" for president? - Jim Hightower Air Date: 8-15-11

Song 6: Untitled - Zoe Keating

Act 7: Is Fox News in Love with Rick Perry? - Media Matters Air Date: 8-16-11

Act 8: Perry Makes Texas-Size Waves In Presidential Race - NPR Air Date: 8-20-11

Song 8: Only ones who know - Arctic Monkeys

Act 9: Welfare Queen Michele Bachmann Exposed By Tax Return - Young Turks Air Date: 8-17-11

Song 9: 1901 - Phoenix

Act 10: Michele Bachmann Implies Slavery Positive Thing, Proud of Anti-Gay Therapy - David Pakman Air Date 7-27-11

Song 10: Go Sadness - Shout Out Louds

Act 11: A lying hypocrite for president - Jim Hightower Air Date: 8-30-11

Song 11: She moves in her own way - The Kooks

Act 12: GOP unveil strategy for 2012 - The Onion

Act 13: Republican Flat-Earthers - The Progressive Air Date: 8-18-11

Song 13: Julie-O - Kevin "KO" Olusola

Act 14: Right Wing Media Attack Secret Service to Malign Obama - Media Matters Air Date: 8-18-11

Act 15: Rep Waters To Black Voters Unleash Us On President Obama - Young Turks Air Date: 8-17-11

Song 15: Wait so long - Trampled by Turtles

Act 16: Obama has a dream Part 1 - Devid Feldman Air Date: 8-26-11

Song 16: Yes we can, but - Harry Shearer

Act 17: Obama has a dream Part 2 - Devid Feldman Air Date: 8-26-11

Song 17: At last - Etta James

Act 18: Obama Discouraging Latino Voter - Young Turks Air Date: 8-17-11


Disappointment in Obama and suggesting a write-in campaign - Rochelle from TX

Thoughts on gun control from a deputy - Wes from North Dakota

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Loud Pipes - Ratatat

Final comments asking for submissions of commentaries for possible inclusion on the show

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Indecision 2012 - Black Clouds & Red Herrings - Daily Show Air Date: 8-17-11

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Jay! Tomlinson

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