Best of the Left Podcast : (2011/09/29) The Jobs Plan (Economics)

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Edition #533

The Jobs Plan

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Act 1: Barack Obamas Jobs Speech - Colbert Report

Song 1: That's what's wrong - Good Old War

Act 2: New Jobs Plan = Unpaid Workers (Georgia Work$) - Young Turks Air Date: 9-06-11

Song 2: Out of my mind - James Blunt

Act 3: GOP Doesn't Care About Jobs, Jim DeMint Doesn't Like Speeches - David Pakman Air Date: 9-06-11

Song 3: So long - Lodger

Act 4: Jimmy Reefercake on the jobs plan - Majority Report

Song 4: Dance with me - Orleans

Act 5: Cantor Pans Obama Jobs Plan- Young Turks Air Date: 9-12-11

Song 5: The contract - Robin Roberts

Act 6: Clipgate - Colbert Report

Song 6: Breakaway - The Clips

Act 7: Obama Jobs Speech Confirms Political System is Totally Useless - David Pakman Air Date: 9-13-11

Song 7: Back to one - O.A.R.

Act 8: Who's Weighing Tax On Rich? Congress' Millionaires - NPR Air Date: 9-21-11

Song 8: The thought gives me the creeps - Hellogoodbye

Act 9: GOP Screw Jobs To Hurt Obama In 2012- Young Turks Air Date: 9-12-11

Song 9: Julie-O - Michael G. Ronstadt

Act 10: Bill O'Reilly Threatens to Quit - Media Matters Air Date: 9-20-11

Act 11: Money Brawl - Daily Show

Act 12: Money Brawl - The Extinction Of Subway, Bill O'Reilly, & The Super Rich - Daily Show

Song 12: Angel - Sarah McLachlan

Act 13: Why Jobs Bill Ain't Enough - Mumia Abu-Jamal Air Date: 9-18-11

Song 13: Broken (feat. Amy Lee) - Seether

Act 14: Obama Admin Steps To Pay For Jobs Plan - Young Turks Air Date: 9-12-11

Final comments on why I eagerly give away my freedom

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The Other American Jobs Act - Colbert Report

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