Best of the Left Podcast : (2011/10/18) We are the other 99 percent (Occupy Wall St Part 2)

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We are the other 99 percent (Occupy Wall St Part 2)

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Act 1: Police Are On The Wrong Side At The Occupy Wall Street Protests - Lee Camp Air Date: 9-25-11

Song 1: All these things that I've done - The Killers

Act 2: Romney Would Complain About Class Warfare - The Progressive Air Date: 10-5-11

Song 2: Revolution - Grandaddy

Act 3: The Screaming Majority song on Occupy Wall St - Majority Report Air Date: 10-7-11

Song 3: Up nights - Amsterband

Act 4: The TRUTH About The Occupy Wall Street Protests - Lee Camp Air Date: 9-27-11

Song 4: Free to decide - The Cranberries

Act 5: Panic of the plutocrats - Green News Report Air Date: 10-11-11

Song 5: Take 'em down - Dropkick Murphys

Act 6: CNNs Erin Burnett informs viewers about protesters - Counterspin Air Date: 10-06-11

Song 6: I'm a worried man - Willie Nelson & Toots Hibbert

Act 7: Erin Burnett's horrible Occupy Wall St report - Majority Report Air Date: 10-7-11

Song 7: We're simple minds - Club 8

Act 8: Occupy DC Event 'Infiltrated' By Conservative from American Spectator - Young Turks Air Date: 10-10-11

Song 8: Solidarity forever - Pete Seeger

Act 9: Purge the agitators at Occupy Wall St - David Feldman Show Air Date: 10-9-11

Song 9: The world has turned and left me here - Weezer

Act 10: How staying peaceful means we will win - Citizen Radio Air Date: 10-11-11


Talk about cutting teachers salaries - Mark From Salisbury, MD

Call to action: Support Occupy Baltimore action - Kevin from Timonium, MD

Thank you to 'Occupy' protesters - Matt in Redding, PA

Thanks for Lee Camp! - Vicki from Oregon

Time to look for solidarity with real tea partiers - Michael From Glenn Bernie

Voicemail Music: 

Loud Pipes - Ratatat

Final comments on converting a death penalty advocate

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Police misconduct on Wall St. - David Feldman Show Air Date: 9-27-11

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Jay! Tomlinson

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