Best of the Left Podcast : (2011/11/05) Excessive inequality (Economics)

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Edition #545

Excessive inequality

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Act 1: CEO's are to Pedophiles as Corporate Greed is to Touching Children - Lee Camp Air Date: 11-3-11

Song 1: Turn this boat around - Matt & Kim

Act 2: Economic Inequality on the News - Counterspin Air Date: 9-30-11

Song 2: The importance of being idle - Oasis

Act 3: GE CEO: Root For Corporations! - Young Turks

Song 3: Our town - The Adjusters

Act 4: CEO's Marital Duties Outsourced To Mexican Groundskeeper - The Onion

Song 4: I think we're alone now - Tiffany

Act 5: Avoiding Last Place: Some Things We Don't Outgrow - NPR

Song 5: Left behind - VNV Nation

Act 6: Pro-corporate coverage of trade deals - Counterspin

Song 6: The mosquito song - Born Loser and the Hangers On

Act 7: Obama, Dems, Cave to Corporate Power on Free Trade Deals - The Progressive Air Date: 10-13-11

Song 7: Looking at the sun - Gramercy Arms

Act 8: Day Job Officially Becomes Job - The Onion

Song 8: Don't hold me back - Alex Cornish

Act 9: Growth of the wealth divide - Rachel Maddow

Song 9: Solo, Solo Dire - Gipsy Kings

Act 10: Reason for Hope, and Reason for Concern, in New Poll - The Progressive Air Date: 10-26-11

Song 11: House of the rising sun - Bob Dylan

Act 12: Tea Party Nation Pledge and Spirit Airlines Ad Revenue - Colbert Report Air Date: 10-20-11

Song 12: Let's live for today - The Grass Roots

Act 13: The world without the sheriff of Wall St - Rachel Maddow

Song 13: Sunday Bloody Sunday - U2

Act 14: Top 1 percent Doubled Income In Last 30 Years - Young Turks Air Date: 10-26-11


Reaction to conversation with Jimmy Dore on Pat Robertson - Ken in Chicagoland

In reaction to Oakland police brutality against Occupy protests - Chris from Middletown, NY

Michael invents the tweet bomb - Michael From Glenn Bernie

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Loud Pipes - Ratatat

Final comments on how Michael didn't really invent the tweet bomb

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The Word - Bite The Hand That Feeds You - Colbert Report

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