Best of the Left Podcast : (2011/11/14) 20 acts in 60 minutes (Immigration)

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Edition #548

20 acts in 60 minutes

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Act 1: 101-Year-Old Woman Becomes U.S. Citizen - Colbert Report

Song 1: Baby - Kevin "KO" Olusola

Act 2: Hate Group Pushes "Anchor Baby" Myth on Fox News - Media Matters

Act 3: Women Giving Birth Shackled By Police - Young Turks Air Date: 9-22-11

Song 3: Unhappy birthday - The Smiths

Act 4: End the Secure Communities Program Now - The Progressive

Song 4: One - Apocalyptica

Act 5: Fox (hearts) Latinos...not really - Media Matters

Act 6: Patriotic Teen Fails Spanish - The Onion

Song 6: Think (Freedom) - Aretha Franklin

Act 7: Distorting the idea of "anchor babies" - Counterspin

Song 7: Le Moulin - Yann Tiersen

Act 8: Fox News' Immigration Language: "Illegals" and "Anchor Babies" - Media Matters

Act 9: Undocumented Immigrant Goes Public- Young Turks Air Date: 6-22-11

Song 9: All for you - Sister Hazel

Act 10: Rep. Mo Brooks Wants to End Immigration -  Jimmy Dore Air Date: 7-14-11

Song 10: Dog days are over - Vitamin String Quartet

Act 11: Lou Dobbs Can't Take a Joke - Media Matters

Act 12: How to hate "illegals" and have them too - Jim Hightower

Song 12: Walk a mile - Holly Golightly

Act 13: Rick Perry Retreats From Immigrant Tuition - Young Turks

Song 13: Mustache - FunkeyMonkeys

Act 14: Mexting - The Onion

Song 14: Spanish Flea - Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass

Act 15: Meet Doc Thompson: Immigration Policy Extraordinaire - Media Matters Air Date: 7/1/11

Act 16: Some Latinos See Obama 'Betrayal' On Immigration - NPR Air Date: 10-12-11

Song 16: Disappointment - The Cranberries

Act 17: U.S. Government Is a Home-Wrecker on Immigration - The Progressive Air Date: 11-4-11

Song 17: Break up the family - Morrissey

Act 18: Farmer Struggles To Hire Americans - Young Turks

Song 18: Nothing is good enough - Aimee Mann

Act 19: How Fox News Uses Anti-Immigrant Buzz Words - Media Matters Air Date: 8-22-11

Act 20: Alabama's Migrant Workers - Colbert Report Air Date: 10-26-11


The GOP candidates don't care about us - Louis from Texas

Burn episodes to CD to spread the word! - Colin from Cleveland, OH

Thoughts on the Fairness Doctrine - Joseph from Palo Alto, CA

We need some black perspective - EJ From Lyons, NY

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Loud Pipes - Ratatat

Final comments on burning CDs of the show and  how this episode got it's name

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Aliens Vs Senator - Daily Show Air Date: 6-22-11

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Jay! Tomlinson

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