Best of the Left Podcast : (2011/11/29) Pepper spray is a weapon, not a seasoning (Occupy Wall St Part 8)

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Pepper spray is a weapon, not a seasoning

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Act 1: Why Bloomberg Fights Occupy Wall Street - Young Turks Air Date: 11-15-11

Song 1: Nothing else matters - Apocalyptica

Act 2: Fox News Remembers That It Hates Occupy Wall Street - Media Matters Air Date: 11-16-11

Act 3: Hodgman, deranged millionaire, on the pepper spraying of 84-year-old woman - Rachel Maddow Air Date: 11-16-11

Song 3: Librarian - My Morning Jacket

Act 4: 1st Amendment Champions in NYC - Counterspin Air Date: 11-17-11

Song 4: We are the champions - Queen

Act 5: Police actions versus Occupy protester roumors plus a call from Gordon Gekko - Jimmy Dore Show Air Date: 11-17-11

Song 5: Razor Wire - Chris Priest

Act 6: UC Davis Police Pepper Spray Sitting Protesters at Point Blank Range - David Pakman Air Date 11-21-11

Song 6: Uncommon Courtesy - Hugo

Act 7: You Can't Pepper Spray A Mental Awakening - Lee Camp Air Date: 11-21-11

Song 7: Reinventing Kevin Bacon - Al Baker & The Dole Queue

Act 8: The pepper spray cop - Le Show Air Date: 11-27-11

Act 9: Protests now and from the past 50 years - Counterspin Air Date: 11-24-11

Song 9: Protest song - Anti-Flag

Act 10: Fox says that pepper spray is essentially a food product - Jimmy Dore Show Air Date: 11-24-11

Song 10: We shall overcome - Pete Seeger

Act 11: Pepper Spray is not a food product - Matthew Filipowicz Show Air Date: 11-22-11


Use screenshots in chapter markers for visual elements - Nick from Santa Clara, CA

Donate to National Lawyers Guild Occupy legal defense fund at - Stacy from San Francisco Bay Area

Who's really the radicals? - Alex from Texas

Support the occupiers however you can - Bill From Lubbock, TX

Thoughts on Occupy and cuts to social programs - Ronald from Baltimore

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Loud Pipes - Ratatat

Final comments on and David Pakman's campaign to get on

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We are all Scott Olsen - short film - Occupy the Movie

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