Best of the Left Podcast : (2011/12/29) Year of the uprising (Occupy Wall St Part 11)

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Edition #560

Year of the uprising

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Act 1: What Are We Truly Willing To Fight For - Lee Camp Air Date: 11-28-11

Song 1: The persuaded - Faded Paper Figures

Act 2: Back to UC Davis and the Fox News take on police overreactions - Jimmy Dore Show Air Date: 12-1-11

Song 2: God be with you - The Cranberries

Act 3: America: a beacon of social justice? - Jim Hightower Air Date: 12-28-11

Song 3: Liquid Sun - The Beginning (A New Hope) - DJ Keoki

Act 4: Obama - Wall Street Did Nothing Illegal - Young Turks Air Date: 12-12-11

Song 4: Don't believe the hype - Public Enemy

Act 5: Occupy Wall St and the Holy Trinity - J.A. Myerson for Citizen Radio Air Date: 12-6-11

Song 5: 2 atoms in a molecule - Noah and the Whale

Act 6: Infectious Global Protests - The Progressive Air Date: 12-28-11

Song 6: Together we fight alone - Darlings

Act 7: Steve Justino - Occupy the Courts - Thom Hartmann Air Date: 12-05-11

Song 7: You gotta be - Desree

Act 8: Three Quarters of Americans Believe Rich, Corporations Have Too Much Power - Young Turks Air Date 12-17-11

Song 8: Messages - Xavier Rudd

Act 9: Obama harking back to 2004 DNC "One United" speech - Rachel Maddow Air Date: 12-6-11


NPR and the GOP debates - Jeff the socialist policeman from South Florida

Complement for the War on Christmas episode - Doug in Chicagoland

Thoughts on Mumia from the policeman who initiated the original discussion on the topic - Jeff the socialist policeman from South Florida

A call for more African American voices on the show - Jacoby from Hawaii

Thoughts on the future of the Occupy movement - Vicki from Oregon

Asking for updates on the congressional candidate in Texas - Big fan of the show

Update on US House Candidate in Texas - - Brian Ingram from Forth Worth, TX

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Loud Pipes - Ratatat

Final comments on Citizen Radio productions

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Rep Walsh Runs From Occupy Protesters - Young Turks Air Date: 12-07-11

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