Best of the Left Podcast : (2012/01/31) The President said some things (State of the Union)

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Edition #571

The President said some things

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Act 1: Black Checking Mitt Romney's SOTU prebuttal lies - Blacking it up Air Date: 1-24-12

Song 1: Sweet little lies - Michael Franti And Spearhead

Act 2: State Of The Union 2012 Analysis - Young Turks 1-24-12

Song 2: Mad world - Vitamin String Quartet

Act 3: Right Wing Response to President's SOTU Address: "CLASS WARFARE!" - Media Matters Air Date: 1-25-12

Act 4: Obama endorses the Buffet rule in SOTU - BBC News Quiz Air Date: 1-27-12

Song 4: The Wind - Cat Stevens

Act 5: He probably wont do the good or the bad laid out in SOTU - Majority Report Air Date: 1-25-12

Song 5: Keepsake - State Radio

Act 6: The Downsides of Obama's State of the Union - The Progressive Air Date: 1-25-12

Song 6: Dreams - The Corrs

Act 7: President is talking news from the SOTU - The Bugle Air Date: 1-27-12

Song 7: These quiet times - Shady Bard

Act 8: Supreme Court Justices at the SOTU - On the Media Air Date: 1-26-12

Song 8: This magic moment - Drifters

Act 9: Something for everyone on energy in the SOTU - Green News Report Air Date: 1-26-12

Song 9: The Gambler - Kenny Rogers

Act 10: Obama's bad joke - Wait wait don't tell me Air Date: 1-28-12

Song 10: I want it all - Queen

Act 11: Don't trust but verify, just verify - Matthew Filipowicz Show Air Date: 1-26-12


Other health-related uses for hormonal birth control - Rachel from Boston, Mass

Recommending Sojourner's Truth, Occupied Territory and 99% Report podcasts - EJ From Lyons, NY

Evidence of our need for a social safety net - Patrick from Dallas

Thoughts on what it means to be treated like an animal - Carl from New Jersey

Time to sign up for your local community farm share program - Curtis from Baltimore

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Loud Pipes - Ratatat

Final comments on the importance of choosing your words when speaking to those outside your own community, the need for 'wins'

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