Best of the Left Podcast : (2012/02/25) The War on Women Part 1: Contraception

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The War on Women Part 1: Contraception

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Act 1: Fox Attempts to Smear Obama as Anti-Catholic - Media Matters Air Date: 2-2-12

Song 1: Only the good die young - Billy Joel

Act 2: Obama Attacks Religious Freedom McConnel on Contraception Coverage -TYT - Air Date: 2-13-12

Song 2: If I had a hammer - Peter, Paul & Mary

Act 3: It's a great time to be a woman in America! - Blacking it up Air Date: 2-13-12

Song 3: Living in America - James Brown

Act 4: Fox: Access to Birth Control = Forcing You To Eat Pork - Media Matters Air Date: 2-15-12

Song 4: Fool - Shakira

Act 5: Republicans Have Picked a Loser in Contraception Fight - The Progressive Air Date: 2-16-12

Song 5: Those were the days - Mary Hopkin

Act 6: If we allow contraception women may begin to think they're equal to men - Majority Report Air Date: 2-14-12

Song 6: Barefoot and pregnant - Doyle and Debbie

Act 7: American Lady News and the debate on contraception - The Bugle Air Date: 2-17-12

Song 7: Lessons learned - Matt & Kim

Act 8: Obama Contraception Compromise Not 3D Chess - Young Turks - Air Date 2-20-12

Song 8: The boy in the bubble - Paul Simon

Act 9: Really? with Seth and Amy: Birth Control - Saturday Night Live


Reaction to the Jay and Lauren's discussion on communication - Todd from LA

If homosexuality is a choice then why not try choosing it for a week just to see? - Daniel from Clemmons, NC

Reaction to the Jay and Lauren's discussion on communication - Dave from Olympia, WA

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Loud Pipes - Ratatat

Final comments teasing that I'm going to start a conversation about the oppression of women in society

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