Best of the Left Podcast : (2012/03/08) The game is rigged (Economics)

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The game is rigged

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Act 1: Poor Pee-Ple - Daily Show Air Date: 2-2-12

Song 1: Hurt so good - Yellow Snow Company

Act 2: Obama's New Budget Explained - TYT - Air Date: 2-13-12

Song 2: Unforgiven - Apocalyptica

Act 3: Fox News: Who's Responsible for Gas Prices? - Media Matters Air Date: 3-6-12

Act 4: Obama Gets Bad Rap on Gas Prices - The Progressive Air Date: 2-24-12

Song 4: Sweet dreams - The Eurythmics

Act 5: The Mortgage Fraud Deal A Ripoff - Majority Report - Air Date: 2-9-12

Song 5: Bet against the American Dream - Planet Money

Act 6: Foreclosure abuse is rampant - Citizen Radio Air Date: 2-20-12

Song 6: The Secret Agent: The Secret Agent Ending - Cello Octet Conjunto Ibérico & Elias Arizcuren

Act 7: Limbaugh: Poor People "Have Only Themselves to Blame" - Media Matters Air Date: 2-21-12

Act 8: Economic Recovery May Force GOP to Talk Social Issues - Rachel Maddow Air Date: 2-29-12

Song 8: Breakneck speed - Tokyo Police Club

Act 9: Close Corporate Tax Loopholes - The Progressive Air Date: 2-28-12

Song 9: Hole in the bucket - Spearhead

Act 10: Greek austerity measures - David Feldman Show - Air Date: 2-14-12

Song 10: Stairway to heaven - Vitamin String Quartet

Act 11: World Bank Forecloses On World Farm - The Onion

Song 11: Too late, to slow - Shout Out Louds

Act 12: Conservative Hypocrisy on Obama's Energy Policies - Rachel Maddow Air Date: 3-1-12


Thoughts on Bachmann and sexism in politics - Elisa from St. Paul, MN

Thoughts on Jimmy Dore Show on suggesting Santorum's daughter "puts out" - Joe from Nanjing China

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Loud Pipes - Ratatat

Final comments on the comparison between Rush Limbaugh's "slut" comments and the Jimmy Dore Show's "puts out" comments

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Jay! Tomlinson

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