Best of the Left Podcast : #1206 The war on journalism, truth and democracy itself

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Air Date: 8/31/2018

Today we take a look at some of the tactics and ramifications of Trump's all-out war with journalism which is his strategy to undermine the most potent force capable of opposing an administration of lies and propaganda

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Ch. 1: Trump's War on Journalism - Newsbeat - Air Date 3-1-18

Obama had his "War on Whistleblowers." Trump unflinchingly attacks the media. There have also been arrests of reporters. How "free" is the free press?

Ch. 2: Trump really does want to put journalists in prison - Bradcast from @TheBradBlog - Air Date 4-30-18

Memos written by former FBI Director James Comey after private meetings with President Donald Trump indicate Trump seemed obsessed with arresting and imprisoning journalists.

Ch. 3: THE MIDTERMS MINUTE (Primaries) - Support Progressives in New Hampshire on 9.11 and Rhode Island on 9.12 - Best of the Left Activism

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Ch. 4: Is Trump's chaos beating the media? - Trumpcast - Air Date 4-26-18

Jacob Weisberg is joined by the media critic, Jay Rosen, to talk about why he thinks Trump is winning and the press is losing.

Ch. 5: For the Sake of The People In This Room - On the Media - Air Date 8-3-18

CNN reporter Jim Acosta was verbally attacked by a crowd of Trump supporters at a Tampa rally. Brooke speaks with Greg Sargent, opinion writer at The Washington Post, about how and why the president incites his base toward anger and disbelief.

Ch. 6: Is Donald Trump Systematically Destroying Faith in The Media - @Thom_Hartmann - Air Date 8-1-18

The First requirement of every despot is to destroy people's faith in the free press.

Ch. 7: Trump Admin Launches Major Attack on Freedom of the Press - @davidpakmanshow - Air Date: 7-23-18

The Trump administration launches a concerted large-scale attack on the media with the goal of labelling it the enemy of the American people.

Ch. 8: Blood on the newsroom floor will be blood on the president's hands - Bradcast from @TheBradBlog - Air Date 8-6-18

More and more mainstream corporate media folks are receiving death threats as well, leading one NYT columnist to warn, “we are approaching a day when blood on the newsroom floor will be blood on the President’s hands."



Ch. 9: Explaining extra costs of private health insurance - Dave from Olympia, WA


Ch. 10: Final comments



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