Best of the Left Podcast : #1294 Journalism is Under Attack in America Like Never Before

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Air Date: 8/02/2019

Today we take a look at the ways that Trump and his administration are systematically chipping away at the concept of a free press, a hallmark tactic of authoritarian governments everywhere

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Ch. 1: Freedom of the Press with Lisa Sun and RonNell Andersen Jones - Amicus with Dahlia Lithwick - Air Date 9-29-18

Under authoritarianism, Identifying enemies, such as the press, is the right of the leader and in doing so it limits the power and capabilities of that enemy.

Ch. 2: A Coup Against the First Amendment - Intercepted with Jeremy Scahill - Air Date 5-29-19

The government is criminally prosecuting a publisher for printing truthful information. Whether Assange is extradited or not, this case casts a dangerous cloud over aggressive national security reporting and means criminalizing journalism is on the table.

Ch. 3: Noam Chomsky On Julian Assange - Democracy Now - Air Date 7-5-19

Noam Chomsky discusses Assange's arrest and the governments actively working to silence journalists.

Ch. 4: Freedom From Lies with Linda McQuaig - Ideas From CBC Radio - Air Date 4-12-19

Linda McQuaig discussed Trump's relationship with the media and how much he attacks and dismantles our system

Ch. 5: Whistleblower Arrest Signals Ongoing Attempts to Silence the Press with James Risen - Democracy Now - Air Date 5-11-19

The Intercept’s senior national security correspondent views the arrests of journalistic sources as an attempt to stifle the "debate about this fundamental issue of who lives and dies."

Ch. 6: The Battle Against A Free Press Continues with Richard Griffiths - The David Pakman Show - Air Date 6-24-19

Richard Griffiths, President of the Georgia First Amendment Foundation, joins David to discuss a bill that would set ethical standards for journalism work as well as sanction journalists who violate them

Bonus Clip: Negotiating with drug companies - Election Ride Home


Ch. 7: Patient protocols for prescription drugs - Heather from Texas

Ch. 8: Health care vs health insurance - Holly from San Francisco


Ch. 9: Final comments on the need to focus on the positive benefits of Medicare for All, not just the negative benefits

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