Best of the Left Podcast : #1296 Decolonizing the Puerto Rican Mind

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Air Date: 8/12/2019

Today we take a look at the recent rebellion in Puerto Rico that unseated the governor as well as plenty of the context of what led us to this point

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Ch. 1: The Truth About Puerto Rico A U.S. Colony - News Beat - Air Date 10-7-18

U.S. colonialism decimated Puerto Rico long before Hurricane Maria, and its legacy of physical, psychological and socioeconomic destruction resonates on through today.

Ch. 2: Fury in Puerto Rico with Julio Ricardo Varela - Why Is This Happening? with Chris Hayes - Air Date 7-29-19

Journalist Julio Ricardo Varela explains the political history and dynamics of Puerto Rico and what pushed people to take to the streets and demand a change in leadership.

Ch. 3: Professor of philosophy Bernat Tort on Puerto Rico’s economic and political crisis - Jacobin Radio - Air Date 7-18-19

Ch. 4: The Boricua Spring - On the Media - Air Date 7-19-19

Brooke speaks with Jay Fonseca, a prominent Puerto Rican journalist, who was one of many mocked in the chats.

Ch. 5: Ed Morales on Puerto Rico Protests - CounterSpin - Air Date 7-26-19

We’ll talk about Puerto Rico with Ed Morales, author of the forthcoming, Fantasy Island: Colonialism, Exploitation and the Betrayal of Puerto Rico.

Ch. 6: Puerto Ricans Stand Up - Code Switch - Air Date 7-30-19

It took less than two weeks for Puerto Ricans to topple their governor following the publication of unsavory private text messages. We tell the story of how small protests evolved into a political uprising unlike anything the island had ever seen.

Ch. 7: Puerto Rico, in the middle of something big - This Is Hell! - Air Date 7-27-19

Our Man in San Juan, Dave Buchen reports on the rollercoaster that might become a revolution in Puerto Rico.

Ch. 8: How the Political Crisis in Puerto Rico is Unifying the Puerto Rican Diaspora - The Takeaway - Air Date 7-30-19

The protests in Puerto Rico have served to lift up the voices of groups that were typically underrepresented on the island: LGBTQ people, women, and members of the diaspora.

Ch. 9: Why Ricky Resigned: Centering women in the Puerto Rican Revolution - Latino USA - Air Date 8-1-19

We examine how the post-Hurricane María death count, the island's debt crisis, and its colonial legacy all contributed to pent-up resentment against the government and the crisis reaching a boiling point.

Ch. 10: Puerto Rico Enters Uncharted Territory as Ricardo Rosselló Prepares to Resign as Governor - Democracy Now - Air Date 7-24-19

We speak with Democracy Now! co-host Juan González on the significance of Rosselló’s resignation.

Ch. 11: Decolonizing the Mind - In The Thick - Air Date 7-25-19

Maria and Julio discuss this week's news about Puerto Rico. After weeks of massive protests from the people, governor Ricardo Rosselló finally announced his resignation.


Ch. 12: Final comments on illness

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