Best of the Left Podcast : #1376 Tell Stories, Not Myths: America is a Force But Not Always For Good (Repost + Bonus Clips)

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Air Date 10/21/2020

Today we take a look at some of the many zany foreign misadventures the United States has had over the past 100 years. And by "zany misadventures" I mean the naked pursuit of capitalism at any cost, the support of military coups and other undemocratic overthrows of foreign governments and wars for oil and resources in an unabashed attempt to keep America wealthy and the rest of the world less so - all while maintaining an anti-imperial, pro-democracy, pro-freedom, live-and-let-live poker face.

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Ch. 1: The bipartisan empire machine that runs the United States - Intercepted with Jeremy Scahill - Air Date 9-26-18

Trump lies all the time but he's also continuing one of the great lies of America

Ch. 2: Empire Unhinged with Aslı Bâli & Aziz Rana - The Dig - Air Date 6-11-20

Dan interviews returning guests Aslı Bâli and Aziz Rana on the long history behind the crisis of American imperial legitimation that has become so manifest amid the pandemic.

Ch. 3: American Empire Part 1 - Scene on Radio - Air Date 4-29-20

“America” and “empire.” Do those words go together? If so, what kind of imperialism does the U.S. practice, and how has American empire changed over time? By host and producer John Biewen, with series collaborator Chenjerai Kumanyika.

Ch. 4: Ghosts of Mossadegh: The Iran Cables, U.S. Empire, and the Arc of History - Intercepted with Jeremy Scahill - Air Date 11-20-19

The Intercept’s investigative series The Iran Cables offers historical insight into Iran’s operations in neighboring Iraq, which are informed by the bloody history of the Iran-Iraq War, the U.S. invasion, and subsequent occupation of Iraq

Ch. 5: 2020 Hindsight on Iraq - Open Source with Christopher Lydon - Air Date 1-9-20

America's "original sin" in the Middle East: the CIA's (and Britain's) coup d'etat in Iran in 1953.

Ch. 6: American Empire Part 2 - Scene on Radio - Air Date 4-29-20

Ch. 7: Voting Is Not Enough - 2 WEEKS LEFT, GET OUT THE VOTE - Best of the Left

Ch. 8: American Empire Part 3 - Scene on Radio - Air Date 4-29-20

Ch. 9: The Always Stumbling US Empire - Citations Needed - Air Date 10-25-17

"Stumbling", "sliding", "drawn into" war––the media frequently assumes the US is bumbling its way around the world. The idea that the United States operates in “good faith” is taken for granted for most of the American press.

Ch. 10: The Other 9/11: Part One - Making Contact - Air Date 9-3-13

Before 2001, there was another 9/11. In 1973, a military coup backed by the United States, overthrew the Chilean government and ushered in seventeen years of brutal dictatorship. In the first of a two part series; we hear stories of the Chilean 9/11.

Ch. 11: Empire Unhinged with Aslı Bâli & Aziz Rana Part 2 - The Dig - Air Date 6-11-20


Ch. 12: Domestic focus is about setting a good example - Chris from San Diego

Ch. 13: Thoughts on right-wing vs left-wing anarchism - Alex

Ch. 14: Fighting for legitimacy - Dave from Olympia, WA


Ch. 15: Final comments on the dangers and paranoia that come with illegitimate power

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