Best of the Left Podcast : #1440 The Physical Structures of Structural Racism and the Fight for Environmental Justice (Repost)

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Original Air Date 9/8/2021

Today we take a look at the legacy of red-lining, the building and subsequent destruction of Black communities and the health and environmental impacts of segregation. The concept of “Structural Racism” is often a metaphor, not something physical that you can touch, but that is not the case when it comes to environmental racism.

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Ch. 1: Environmental Racism: A Hidden Threat with Dr. Dorceta Taylor - Black History Year - Air Date 4-19-21

We're making a deadly mistake if we don't talk about environmental justice when we discuss racism and Black liberation.

Ch. 2: Redlining & Climate Change: A Deadly Combination - News Beat - Air Date 4-27-21

Although the Fair Housing Act of 1968 banned redlining and housing discrimination in general, three out of four redlined communities rated "hazardous" 80 years ago are struggling economically today.

Ch. 3: Monuments to Racism - Environmental Injustice on This Week in Social Justice - News Beat - Air Date 4-8-21

Guests: Catherine Flowers founder of the Center for Rural Enterprise and Environmental Justice and Amy Stelly, a designer and board member of the Urban Conservancy.

Ch. 4: Environmental Racism is Real Part 1 - Tamarindo Podcast - Air Date 6-16-21

We talk to Environmental justice lawyer Claire Woods about how black and brown communities face the brunt of many environmental justice issues, the connection to racism, and what we can do to help.

Ch. 5: Biden Promises To Grapple With Environmental Racism - Short Wave - Air Date 2-4-21

NPR climate reporter Rebecca Hersher talks about the history of environmental racism in the United States, and what Biden's administration can do to avoid the mistakes of the past.

Ch. 6: Environmental Racism is Real Part 2 - Tamarindo Podcast - Air Date 6-16-21


Ch. 7: Environmental Racism: A Hidden Threat with Dr. Dorceta Taylor Part 2 - Black History Year - Air Date 4-19-21

Ch. 8: Monuments to Racism Part 2 - Environmental Injustice on This Week in Social Justice - News Beat - Air Date 4-8-21

Summary + reading from The Sum of Us on pollution in segregated cities


Ch. 9: Post-Civil War Reconstruction and the occupation of Afghanistan - Dave from Olympia, WA


Ch. 10: Final comments on how structural racism becomes personal racism and comparing Reconstruction with the occupation of Afghanistan

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Description: An official, rectangular metal sign bolted to a telephone poll displays the image of a cropped city map with a red outlined area. Below, the sign reads "Portland's Historic Redline District." Smaller text below reads "In Portland's past, 'redlining' practices created exclusionary zones for 'Negroes and Orientals' by real estate, banking and insurance companies. Agents could lose their licenses for crossing this color barrier. Now, urban gentrification displaces low-income families, as the remaining affordable housing stock in this area disappears." 

Credit: "Redlining" by radcliffe dacanay, Flickr | License | Changes: Cropped


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