Best of the Left Podcast : #1480 The Cyberwar Did Not Begin with Cyber Pearl Harbor

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Air Date 4/2/2022

Today we take a look at the current iteration of the cynical culture wars being waged by conservative Republicans against LGBTQ kids for political gain. The current wave of anti-trans and anti-gay legislation sprouting across the country is not about protecting kids and is absolutely nothing new.

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Ch. 1: Andy Greenberg - Longform - Air Date 12-11-19

Andy Greenberg is a senior writer for Wired. His new book is Sandworm. “I kind of knew I was never going to get access to Sandworm, which is the title of the book - so it was all about drawing a picture around this invisible monster.”

Ch. 2: How America’s gas got hacked - Today, Explained - Air Date 5-12-21

The largest-known ransomware attack on American energy infrastructure is driving up gas prices and creating shortages. Wired's Lily Hay Newman says Colonial Pipeline might be a turning point for cybersecurity.

Ch. 3: Is Russia at War with the West? Part 1 - The Inquiry - Air Date 11-21-18

There are currently a number of serious allegations made in the West against Russia. They include the attempted murder of the former spy Sergei Skripal on British soil; interference in the 2016 US election; the hacking of the American electricity grid.

Ch. 4: How prepared is the U.S. to fend off cyber warfare? Better at offense than defense, author says - PBS NewsHour - Air Date 8-6-18

Sanger joins Judy Woodruff to discuss the threats and realities, how the U.S. wages cyber warfare, and how prepared the U.S. is to stop attacks.

Ch. 5: Is Russia at War with the West? Part 2 - The Inquiry - Air Date 11-21-18

Ch. 6: Russia Perfected Its Cyberwarfare In Ukraine — America Could Pay The Price - Think | NBC News - Air Date 11-23-19

Russia has been practicing cyberwar in a real-life test lab — Ukraine. Andy Greenberg, author of 'Sandworm', recounts how Russia went from repeatedly shutting down Ukraine's infrastructure to unleashing worms that caused billions of dollars in damage.

Ch. 7: Is World War III Already Here? - Your Undivided Attention - Air Date 1-3-22

Warfare has changed so fundamentally, that we're currently in a war we don't even recognize. It's the war that Russia, China, and other hostile foreign actors are fighting against us — weaponizing social media to undermine our faith in each other


Ch. 8: The Hackers Who Took Down the Colonial Pipeline - What Next: TBD | Tech, power, and the future - Air Date 5-21-21

Last week, a hacker group called DarkSide shut down the Colonial Pipeline, which supplies 45 percent of the fuel consumed on the East Coast. Gas prices skyrocketed, people started hoarding gas, and DarkSide walked away with over $4 million in Bitcoin.


Ch. 9: Puberty blockers experimental? - Maria in Pennsylvania


Ch. 10: Final comments on the deception and logical fallacies at the heart of critiques of gender affirming care

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