Best of the Left Podcast : #1548 The War on Woke Pits the GOP Against Their Usual Allies in Big Business

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Air Date 3/14/2023

Today, we take a look at the rise of "woke capitalism" as the cudgel now being wielded against any corporations who dare to seek profits by appealing to the majority of potential customers who prefer progressive social positions to that of Republicans.

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Ch. 1: Dissecting the War on Woke | Part One - Shanspeare - Air Date - Air Date 1-13-23

Republicans are at war with Woke

Ch. 2: CRT, ESG: Don't fall for the Right's pretend 'Culture Wars' - The Bradcast - Air Date 3-2-23

We debunk Republicans' new fake culture war outrage attacking a mundane, decades-old investment framework known as ESG in which corporations and investment managers consider factors like the environment when making business decisions.

Ch. 3: Who Is Afraid of Woke Capitalism? - After Hours - Air Date 11-2-22

Mihir, Felix and NYU’s Dolly Chugh discuss the pressure on business leaders to conform to the demands of woke capitalism. Should you give in? Push back? What are the risks and rewards?

Ch. 4: Why Are Republicans Obsessed With “Woke” Corporations? | The Class Room With Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò - More Perfect Union - Air Date 7-7-22

In the last few years, Republicans have been increasingly concerned about a “woke” corporate agenda, but they're missing the real problem. It’s not that corporations and establishment politicians care too much about racial or gender justice.

Ch. 5: Republicans Encouraged SVB Failure - Blame it on 'WOKENESS!' - The Dollemore Daily - Air Date 3-13-22

Jesse talks about the pathetic Republican response to the entirely predictable failure of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB). James Comer substituted leadership and policy acumen for the expected deflection and blamed the bank's collapse on being WOKE

Ch. 6: Republicans Loved Corporations…Until They Got ‘Woke’ | The Couch Report - Vice News - Air Date 5-10-21

Greg Walters explains the current conflict between the Republican Party and corporate America.


Ch. 7: BlackRock: The Devil's Banker. Do as I say, not as I do. - Unf*cking The Republic - Air Date 9-17-22

BlackRock is at the center of a storm in conservative media for pushing companies too hard toward sustainability. That he’s too woke. Liberals think he’s behind the housing crisis. Conspiracy theorists believe he’s in the pocket of the Chinese government.


Ch. 8: Final comments on how the left really brought about woke capitalism

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