Best of the Left Podcast : #1566 Wrestling with Ethical Consumption Under Capitalism

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Air Date 6/13/2023

Today, we take a look at the struggle to act ethically, at least by our own measure if there's not a universally-agreed standard to compare with, relating to the purchase of both the necessities of life we all need as well as the more luxury items that get added on top.

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Ch. 1: No ethical consumption under capitalism: short deep dive - @professor_neil - Air Date 4-13-23

Origin of "no ethical consumption under capitalism"

Ch. 2: Hasan and The Left's Paradoxical Relationship with Consumer Capitalism - The Kavernacle - Air Date 5-26-23

What once was a statement of fact, now has been taken as an excuse to essentially be a consumer without even thinking about the ethics involved of what you were buying.

Ch. 3: "Separating Art vs. the Artist" doesn't work for Harry Potter - Kuncan Dastner - Air Date 4-14-22

Secrets of Dumbledore and Hogwarts Legacy aren't enough to save this franchise

Ch. 4: There are many forms of ethical consumption under capitalism, you just have to understand ethics - poppysaw - Air Date 2-11-23

Alternate thoughts on the ethics of consumption within capitalism

Ch. 5: Ethical Consumption - Pullback - Air Date 3-7-23

So, there’s no ethical consumption under capitalism. Does that mean there’s no value to movements like slow fashion, eating local, and Fairtrade?

Ch. 6: The moral philosophy of The Good Place (with Mike Schur and Pamela Hieronymi) - The Gray Area with Sean Illing - Air Date 12-9-19

This is a conversation about how and why The Good Place exists and what it reflects about The Odd Place in which we actually live. Unlike a lot of conversations about moral philosophy, this one is a lot of fun.

Ch. 7: Ethical Capitalism: Is It Possible? - Wise Crack - Air Date 7-19-21

We live in an era of increased skepticism towards capitalism. But is participating in capitalism inherently antithetical to living an ethical life? Or is it possible to act ethically within a capitalist system?

Ch. 8: Ethical Behavior in Modern Society – Can We Still Get Into The Good Place? - Like Stories of Old - Air Date 4-30-19

A video essay on modern day ethics as discussed in the Netflix show The Good Place. Focusing in particular on the notion of ethical consumerism and individuality from a sociological perspective.


Ch. 9: Conscious Consumerism: Does it make a difference - Roundtable - Air Date 7-10-19

Conscious consumerism focuses on making positive decisions throughout the buying process, with the intention of helping to balance some of the negative impacts that consumerism has on the planet.

Ch. 10: “No Ethical Consumption” is Not License for Nihilism & Hedonism. So What Is It? (Hausfrau Friday) Parkrose Permaculture - Air Date 6-3-22

My 17 yr-old and I have noticed an unsettling trend on social media: folks choosing to take the concept of "No ethical consumption under capitalism" as a license to give up when it comes to trying to make ethical purchases for our bodies and our homes.


Ch. 11: Response to cohousing episode


Ch. 12: Final comments on why people being misled into unethical behavior gives me hope

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