Best of the Left Podcast : #1576 How Florida's education reform works to maintain unjust power imbalances

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Air Date 8/6/2023

Today, we take a look at the education curriculum reforms currently being pushed through in Florida through the lens of the long pattern of choosing to see our history in a way that comforts the comfortable and afflicts the afflicted.

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Ch. 1: Meet the Man Driving the Right’s Culture War Panic - Deconstructed - Air Date 7-28-23

The Republican Party’s full embrace of the culture war as a political tactic — from drag queen story hour to critical race theory and diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives — has been chiefly guided by activist and polemicist Christopher Rufo

Ch. 2: DeSantis culture war drives AP Psychology out of Florida schools - Alex Wagner Tonight - Air Date 8-4-23

Rachel Chapman, who teaches AP Psychology in Florida, talks with Alex Wagner about being an educator in Florida why psychology can't pick and choose which people to consider.

Ch. 3: We Actually Have To Explain To DeSantis Why Slaves Didn't Benefit From Slavery - The Muckrake Political Podcast - Air Date 7-25-23

Co-hosts Jared Yates Sexton and Nick Hauselman had to break down why the new curriculum in Florida that requires teachers to explain how slaves benefitted from slavery is racist

Ch. 4: PragerU in Florida Schools - I Doubt It Podcast - Air Date 7-28-23

Jesse and Brittany discuss the heat wave wreaking havoc on the nation as well as their recent adventures engaged in tourist activities in DC, listener communication related to Biden's re-election and the new Florida education guidelines

Ch. 5: Why a Leftist is Defending Conservatives Over Desantis' Racist Florida Curriculum - The Benjamin Dixon Show - Air Date 7-30-23

Highlighting some of the gentle pushback from Black Republicans to the new Florida education curriculum

Ch. 6: Fox News BUSTED For Rewriting History Of Slavery - The Majority Report - Air Date 7-26-23

Jesse Watters spoke with William Allen, one of the authors of Florida's revised Black History curriculum, about Vice President Harris's representation that one of the standards outlined implies teaching that slavery in some ways benefitted Black Americans

Ch. 7: I was teaching before he was born: Professor slams DeSantis for quashing Black history education - The Reidout - Air Date 1-23-23

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is trying to control the type of education that Florida students can receive, most recently rejecting an advanced placement course in African-American studies, claiming it was “contrary to Florida law”


Ch. 8: It’s hard to vilify DEI training, without announcing one’s racism - Think About It with Michael Leppert - Air Date 8-1-23

If the average American were to learn about diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) training through its discussion in the political arena alone, suspicion of it should be expected, and hostility toward it would be understandable. Duh.

Ch. 9: Andrew Spar, Florida Education Association President and Scott Slawson, UE Local 506 President - America’s Work Force Union Podcast - Air Date 7-26-23

Andrew Spar, President of the Florida Education Association, joined the America’s Work Force Union Podcast and discussed the fight over African American studies in Florida’s curriculum

Ch. 10: The Court Room of History - Why Now? A Political Junkie Podcast - Air Date 7-29-23

In this episode, we are talking about her most recent book, Sisters and Rebels: A Struggle for the Soul of America (W.W. Norton, 2019), which tells the story of three sisters, women from the slave-holding Lumpkin family of Georgia.


Ch. 11: Final comments on how education curriculum is helping maintain power imbalances

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