Best of the Left Podcast : #1578 A.I. is a big tech airplane with a 10% chance of crashing, should society fly it? ChatGPT was only the starter pistol but it has shown the sloppiness of these companies and the need for regulate artificial intelligence for the public good.

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Air Date 8/20/2023

Big tech is currently scrambling to bring untested A.I. products to market, over-promising, under-delivering, and working hard obscure and ignore any possible downsides for society. Big tech needs A.I. regulation now before we all suffer the easily foreseeable consequences as well as some unforeseeable ones.

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Ch. 1: A.I. is B.S. - Adam Conover - Air Date 3-31-23

The real risk of A.I. isn't that some super-intelligent computer is going to take over in the future - it's that the humans in the tech industry are going to screw the rest of us over right now.

Ch. 2: Center for Humane Technology Co-Founders Tristan Harris and Aza Raskin discuss The AI Dilemma Part 1 - Summit - Air Date 6-15-23

What does it look like to align technology with humanity’s best interests? Tristan Harris and Aza Raskin discuss how existing A.I. capabilities already pose catastrophic risks to a functional society

Ch. 3: Tech's Mask Off Moment - What Next: TBD | Tech, power, and the future - Air Date 8-13-23

When conservative writer Richard Hanania’s old posts, originally published under a pseudonym, came to light people were shocked at just how racist and reactionary they were. Perhaps less shocking were the tech moguls who were revealed to be supporting him

Ch. 4: Pregnant Woman’s False Arrest in Detroit Shows “Racism Gets Embedded” in Facial Recognition Technology - Democracy Now! - Air Date 8-7-23

A shocking story of wrongful arrest in Detroit has renewed scrutiny of how facial recognition software is being deployed by police departments, despite major flaws in the technology.

Ch. 5: Princeton University's Ruja Benjamin on Bias in Data and A.I. - The Data Chief - Air Date - 2-3-21

Joining Cindi today is Ruha Benjamin, a professor of African American Studies at Princeton University and the founding director of the IDA B. WELLS Just Data Lab. She has studied the social dimensions of science, technology, and medicine for over 15 years

Ch. 6: AI ethics leader Timnit Gebru is changing it up after Google fired her - Science Friction - Air Date 4-17-22

Timnit Gebru was fired by Google in a cloud of controversy, now she's making waves beyond Big Tech's pervasive influence

Ch. 7: Center for Humane Technology Co-Founders Tristan Harris and Aza Raskin discuss The AI Dilemma Part 2 - Summit - Air Date 6-15-23

Ch. 8: Can We Govern AI? - Your Undivided Attention - Air Date 4-21-23

Our guest Marietje Schaake was at the forefront of crafting tech regulations for the EU. In spite of AI’s complexity, she argues there is a path forward for the U.S. and other governing bodies to rein in companies that continue to release these products


Ch. 9: Buddhism in the Age of AI - Soryu Forall - Monastic Academy - Air Date 6-21-23


Ch. 10: Final comments on the difference between Microsoft's marketing and the realities of capitalism

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