Best of the Left Podcast : (2006/08/17) Mad, with power

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Act 1: Big coal and energy future - Ring of Fire Act 2: Global warming is real, who knew? - The Young Turks Act 3: The nuclear option is not the way - Thom Hartmann Act 4: Mortgaging our future - Ring of Fire Act 5: Pat Roberson gets converted - The Young Turks Act 6: Night Ranger fans celebrate - Wait Wait Act 7: Heat wave - Mother Jones Radio Music: The Counting Crows - Big Yellow Taxi Asia - Heat of the moment Heather Nove - We can work it out James Taylor - Never die young Dee-Lite - I believe in the power of love Night Ranger - Sister Christian Thanks for listening! Visit me at Contact me directly at Leave me comments at or Review the show on iTunes.
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