Best of the Left Podcast : (2006/08/18) Fear Factor

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The Podcasts

Act 1: Dems are weak says Tom Delay - Thom Hartmann Act 2: Looking back on Iran Contra - Mother Jones Radio Act 3: But we did get a warrant - The Young Turks Act 4: Using fear to control - Thom Hartmann Act 5: Fear tactics for politics - Rachel Maddow Act 6: Getting back on a plane - The Young Turks Act 7: The future as seen from the past - Thom Hartmann Music: James Taylor - Shed a little light Brand New - I will play my game beneath the spin light Weezer - My name is Jonas Go West - King of Wishful thinking Gipsy Kings - Lieva Me El Compas Thanks for listening! Visit me at Contact me directly at Leave me comments at or Review the show on iTunes.
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