Best of the Left Podcast : (2007/03/25) Checked and Balanced - We Investigate, You Reside (MP3)

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Act 1: Bush not breaking the FISA law? - The Young Turks Act 2: Privacy concerns - Countdown Act 3: Pap Attack on George Bush - Ring of Fire Act 4: Tim Ryan on the new congress - The Young Turks Act 5: Impeachment talk with Sean Penn - Ring of Fire Act 6: Liebermann's oversight - LeShow Act 7: New congress not ready to make nice - Ring of Fire Act 8: Snow says Bush can ignore congress - The Young Turks Music: Tracy Chapman "Talkin' bout a revolution" Rockwell "Somebody's watching me" The Fugees "Ready or not ( instrumental.)" The Smashing Pumpkins "Once upon a time" Ratatat "Montanita" Gayle Adams "I'm warning you" John Beltran "A mind blows everyday" Thanks for listening! Visit us at Contact me directly at Leave us comments at or Review the show on iTunes. Digg us at
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