Best of the Left Podcast : (2008/03/23) Fool Me 935 Times (MP3)

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The Podcasts

Act 1: Rachel Maddow - Bush Lies Compiled
Act 2: The Young Turks - Talking to Our Enemies
Act 3: The Young Turks - Bush is a Sick Thug
Act 4: Rachel Maddow - Cheney Brings Peace Bush Brings Torture
Act 5: Greg Palast - Palast on the Reasons for the War in Iraq
Act 6: Sam Seder - Republican Troubles
Act 7: Sam Seder - Pentagon Report Censored
Act 8: The Young Turks - Scamming Lying Motherfuckers

Exit Strategy - Valient Thorr
21 Ghosts III - Nine Inch Nails
Any Other Name - Thomas Newman
My Echo - Brockie and Ed Solo
Deep in the Sweet Water (Joseph Bishara Remix) - Rasputina
Hell on Earth - Mobb Deep
The World As We Know It - Scary Kids Scaring Kids

Produced By:
Billy Baptism

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