Best of the Left Podcast : (2008/10/08) Moose in the headlights (MP3)

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The Podcasts

Act 1: Palin's qualifications - Abraham Lincold Logs Podcast Act 2: Palin on McCain's record of regulation - CBS Interview Act 3: Cafferty on Palin - The Young Turks Act 4: Palin on her reading habits - CBS interview Act 5: Troopergate interview - Rachel Maddow Act 6: Palin on Supreme Court decisions - CBS Interview Act 7: Obama is too fit to be president - CounterSpin Act 8: Palin on prayer and the gays - CBS interview Act 9: Obama is too popular to be president - Wait wait, don't tell me Act 10: Guilt by association - The Young Turks Act 11: McCain's lobbyists - Ring of Fire Act 12: Obama releases constructive critisism ads - The Onion Act 13: Election theft - Thom Hartmann Act 14: McCain on Letterman just after 9/11 - The Young Turks Music: Choctaw Hayride - Alison Krauss & Union Station Take a look around - Limp Bizkit Nothing is good enough - Aimee Mann Blue Bunny Movie trailer Popular - Nada Surf Try not to breathe - R.E.M. First few desperate hours - The Mountain Goats Street fighting man - The rolling stones Close to me - The Cure Produced by: Jay! Thanks for listening! Visit us at Contact me directly at Leave us comments at or Review the show on iTunes. Digg us at
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