Best of the Left Podcast : (2008/10/26) We are the guardians of freedom (MP3)

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The Podcasts

Act 1: On fear - This Brave Nation Act 2: Securing elections Part 1 - Thom Hartmann Act 3: McCain's military record - Ring of Fire Act 4: Securing elections Part 2 - Thom Hartmann Act 5: Warrantless wiretapping phone sex - The Young Turks Act 6: Securing elections Part 3 - Thom Hartmann Act 7: 'Block the vote' with RFK - Rachel Maddow Act 8: Discussing anti-Americanism - Thom Hartmann Act 9: Palin family just sitting around - The Onion Act 10: GOP spying on the Dems - Thom Hartmann Act 11: We are the guardians of freedom - The Young Turks Music: Legion's War - Zoe Keating Letters - Stroke 9 Dreamtime - Uberzone 12:51 - The Strokes Fidelity - Regina Spektor Vote - Emma's Revolution Buildings & Mountains - The Republic Tigers Good intentions - Toad the Wet Sprocket There goes my baby - Drifters July Jones - The New Pornographers Produced by: Jay! Thanks for listening! Visit us at Contact me directly at Leave us comments at or Review the show on iTunes.
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