Best of the Left Podcast : (2010/08/12) Another giant distraction based on bigotry (Immigration)

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Edition #395

Another giant distraction based on bigotry


Act 1: Be nice to minorities - Bill Maher

Song 1: We are going to be friends - White Stripes

Act 2: Latino 911 - Daily Show

Song 2: Nothing Else Matters - Apocalyptica

Act 3: Championing the AZ law - Media Matters

Act 4: Obama's weak immigration reform - Young Turks

Song 4: Loud pipes - Ratatat

Act 5: Arizona's photo radar - Daily Show

Song 5: Ballad of Hugo Chavez - Arkells

Act 6: Border violence, that's bullshit - Sam Seder

Song 6: Cattle call - Don Edwards

Act 7: Interview on reaction to AZ law ruling - Rachel Maddow

Song 7: Breakneck speed - Tokyo Police Club

Act 8: Hurray for courageous judge Suan Bolton - The Progressive

Song 8: Fade to black - Apocalyptica

Act 9: Susan Bolton ruling - Media Matters

Act 10: AZ immigration law stopped by federal judge - Young Turks

Song 10: Look after you - The Fray

Act 11: Fake immigration stories - Rachel Maddow

Song 11: Concrete Box - Nada Surf

Act 12: US will now offer platinum plus citizenship - The Onion

Song 12: Solid Action - The Wes Hollywood Show

Act 13: Immigration stories now user generated - Rachel Maddow


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Arturo Rodriguez on immigrant workers - Colbert Report


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