Best of the Left Podcast : (2010/08/10) A battle finally won in the war (Gay Rights)

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Edition #394

A battle finally won in the war


Act 1: Lesbian mothers - Colbert Report

Song 1: Middle Class Boy - Theo Bard

Act 2: Crazy gay marriage speech - Young Turks

Song 2: The bleeding heart show - The New Pornographers

Act 3: Kentucky bans gay pet weddings - The Onion

Song 3: Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps - Cake

Act 4: Time to pay reparations to gays - Thom Hartmann

Song 4: January wedding - The Avett Brothers

Act 5: Breakdown of prop 8 - Rachel Maddow

Song 5: Celebration guns - Stars

Act 6: Commentary on prop 8 - Countdown

Song 6: One - Apocalyptica

Act 7: Right wing reactions to Prop 8 ruling - Media Matters

Act 8: Californigaytions - Daily Show

Song 8: Curtains close - The Arctic Monkeys

Act 9: Landmark ruling on same-sex marriage - The Progressive

Song 9: Solid Ground - Dougie Maclean

Act 10: The winning lawyers - Rachel Maddow

Song 10: Dreams - Gabrielle

Act 11: Prop 8 tossed out - It's all politics

Song 11: Goodbye stranger - Supertramp

Act 12: Gay marriage is inevitable - Young Turks

Song 12: Time to take out the trash - Brad Sucks

Act 12: How to ruin same-sex marriages - Colbert Report


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Cenk Rant On Gay Marriage and The Bible - Young Turks


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