Best of the Left Podcast : (2010/07/15) A flawed and broken paradigm (Economics)

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Edition #385

A flawed and broken paradigm


Act 1: Pros and cons of financial reform bill - Young Turks

Song 1: Satellite - Guster

Act 2: Estate tax discussion - Bill Maher

Song 2: I Want to Protect You - Eels

Act 3: Reinstate the estate tax - The Progressive

Song 3: Celebration guns - Stars

Act 4: Working on cutting social security - Counterspin

Song 4: Noctuary - Bonobo

Act 5: Canadian banks vs US Banks - Young Turks

Song 5: Spare change - Matt and Kim

Act 6: Social security broke - That's Bullshit - Sam Seder

Song 6: 1234 - Feist

Act 7: Rich vs the middle class - Young Turks

Song 7: Buildings and mountains - The Republic Tigers

Act 8: America's got nothing - Daily Show

Song 8: Built for this - Ben Sollee

Act 9: Obama needs to change budget dialogue - The Progressive

Song 9: Blessed - Brett Dennen

Act 10: Unemployment benefits with Paul Krugman - Colbert Report

Song 10: Hungry like the wolf - Duran Duran

Act 11: GOP on the deficit - Rachel Maddow

Song 11: Believe - The Bravery

Act 12: Conservatives don't understand - Jimmy Dore


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Holier Than Dow - Daily Show


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