Best of the Left Podcast : (2009/11/07) Ancient sunlight vs fresh sunlight (MP3)

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Edition #312 Ancient sunlight vs fresh sunlight Act 1: The true cost of fossil fuels - Thom Hartmann Act 2: Inhofe headed to Copenhagen - Ring of Fire Act 3: Colin Beavan is No Impact Man - Colbert Report Act 4: Rob Dunbar on ocean temps - Found Object Films Act 5: Giant greenhouse blamed for climate change - The Onion Act 6: Climate deniers - Ring of Fire Act 7: Oil industry employees rally - Rachel Maddow Act 8: News of the warm - Le Show Act 9: Shia Agassi on fresh sun power - Found Object Films Act 10: Steven Levitt on economics of geo-engineering - Daily Show Act 11: The arguement for switching to natural gas - Ring of Fire Act 12: News of the warm - Le Show Bonus iPhone/iPod Touch App Content: Dems shooting themselves in the foot on carbon legislation Music: Catalog and Classify - Mark Robinson Knock yourself out - Jon Brion This is the day - The The Kyoko's House - Philip Glass Solsbury hill - Peter Gabriel One million miles - J Ralph M79 - Vampire Weekend What I'm looking for - Brendan Benson Close your eyes - Young Love Hey ya - Obadiah Parker Keepsake - State Radio Produced by: Jay! Thanks for listening! Check out the Best of the Left iPhone/iPod Touch App in the App Store! Visit us at Contact me directly at Vote for us and leave comments at or Review the show on iTunes.
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