Best of the Left Podcast : (2010/04/17) Backwards politics and the climate (Climate) (MP3)

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Edition #353

Backwards politics and the climate

Act 1: Annie Leonard on stuff - Colbert Report

Act 2: Dr. James Hansen - Storms of my grandchildren - Thom Hartmann

Act 3: Chamber of commerce and the climate - Ring of Fire

Act 4: Facing America's energy crisis Part 1 - Moyers' Journal

Act 5: British House of Commons on 'climate gate' - Counterspin

Act 6: Facing America's energy crisis Part 2 - Moyers' Journal

Act 7: Obama's switcheroo on offshore drilling - The Progressive

Act 8: Oilmen fund anti-climate change groups - Young Turks

Act 9: Media reaction to offshore drilling - Counterspin

Act 10: Not taking 'yes' for an answer - Rachel Maddow

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The Tree Hugging Pentagon - Ring of Fire


Time to take out the trash - Brad Sucks

Breathe me - Sia

On the turning away - Pink Floyd

Energy - The Apples In Stereo

The airway - Owl City

Don't Let It Bring You Down - Annie Lennox & Steven Lipson

Sill can't - The Cranberries

Fake plastic trees - Radiohead

Shut your eyes - Shout Out Louds

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