Best of the Left Podcast : (2009/11/18) Big bill bothers bought off blowhards (MP3)

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Edition #315 Big bill bothers bought off blowhards Act 1: Blow hards bloviate on healthcare - Counterspin Act 2: Bill big, bill bad - Daily Show Act 3: GOP Continues healthcare fear tactics - The Young Turks Act 4: Fire hot - The Onion Act 5: Grayson on fighting back Part 1 - Ring of Fire Act 6: Lieberman on wiggling - Wait wait don't tell me Act 7: Grayson on fighting back Part 2 - Ring of Fire Act 8: Absurd Republicans caught on tape - The Young Turks Act 9: Whisconsin city is the best place to die - NPR Act 10: Preggers can't be choosers - Daily Show Act 11: Restricting abortion rights in health reform - Rachel Maddow Bonus iPhone/iPod Touch App Content: Judge Napolitano Lies about Health Care Reform - The Young Turks Music: Tax man - The Beatles Naive - The Kooks Fearless - VNV Nation World on Fire - Sarah McLachlan In a big country - Big Country Winter song - Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson Brain stew - Green Day So fast, so numb - R.E.M. I know I know I know - Tegan and Sara Different people - No doubt Produced by: Jay! Thanks for listening! Check out the Best of the Left iPhone/iPod Touch App in the App Store! Visit us at Contact me directly at Vote for us and leave comments at or Review the show on iTunes.
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