Best of the Left Podcast : (2010/03/24) Blowing up mountains and our future (Climate Change) (MP3)

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Edition #345

Blowing up mountains and our future


Act 1: Lorax Coal - Rachel Maddow

Act 2: Ed Markey on climate bill Part 1 - Ring of Fire

Act 3: Oil spill improves wildlife viscosity - The Onion

Act 4: Ed Markey on climate bill Part 2 - Ring of Fire

Act 5: Cookies and carbon - NPR

Act 6: Plans for another energy crisis squashed - Thom Hartmann

Act 7: NY Times gives fair shake to climate loons - Counterspin

Act 8: News of the warm - Le Show

Act 9: Maria Cantwell on the CLEAR Act - Ring of Fire

Act 10: Nuclear gets another comeback - Counterspin

Act 11: Coal Comfort - Margaret Palmer - Colbert Report


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Goodbye blue sky - Pink Floyd

I'm free - Soup Dragons

Horchata - Vampire Weekend

Foolish games - Jewel

Let my love open the door - Pete Townsend

Planting seeds - Ten Story Relapse

Friend of the devil - Counting Crows


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