Best of the Left Podcast : Bonus - Brave New Words: Access to Medicine

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Sponsored: Today we feature a full episode of Brave New Words focusing on one of the most pressing issues for Americans: access to medicine and the fight against Big Pharma. 

Brave New Words is a new, limited series podcast about the power of changing the narrative of the political arguments we have, using those new narratives to drive major progressive wins around the world and create real change.

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Additional Praise for Brave New Words:

Jee Kim, Executive Director, Narrative Initiative

“Anat has the unique ability to take thorny challenges and offer concrete ways to address them. She makes narrative change accessible and compelling.”


Celinda Lake, Democratic pollster and strategist

“As a veteran of issue and electoral campaigns for progressive causes and candidates, I can think of no better person to walk us through the words that have won us critical victories than Anat. The lessons and the unparalleled strategic insights she draws apply to persuasive communication across a range of issues."


Ian Haney López, author Merge Left and Dog Whistle Politics

"Messaging is an art and a science. Few combine these as brilliantly as Anat Shenker-Osorio. Her captivating podcast is a master class in how to tell the truth that can set us free."


Heather McGhee, Former President of Demos

"Shanker-Osorio’s message advice is the best around. She understands not just what words test well but what stories will move people into action, and has become the secret weapon of winning progressive campaigns worldwide."


Michael Podhorzer, Senior Advisor to the President, AFLCIO; Founder of the Analyst Institute

"Anat consistently uncovers messages that both persuade and help mobilize working people. The insights offered in these episodes are critical for anyone who works in progressive politics or just has an interest in making this country more just, prosperous and democratic."


Dorian Warren, President of Community Change

“To win a better world we need better stories and more support for change. Anat is a warrior for both – her tools are data, passion, wisdom and an indomitable commitment to listening to and learning first from those most left behind on this planet.”