Best of the Left Podcast : Bonus Edition: Honorable Mentions 2009

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Air Date: 1/6/2019

Today, due to my current bout of perpetual-rake-in-the-face, I share a selection of honorable mentions from the 2009 retrospective show

Bonus Clips:

Introduction to SERE - Rachel Maddow

Timeline summary of torture memos and fallout - Rachel Maddow

Liz Cheney talks torture with the complicit media - The Young Turks

Mancow gets waterboarded - The Young Turks

Cheney testing the constitution - Rachel Maddow

Correcting the record on Jim Cramer at CNBC - Daily Show

Franken Kicks Conservative Ass - The Young Turks

Obama Pwns Himself on Signing Statements - The Young Turks

Correcting the record on Jim Cramer at CNBC - Daily Show

Glenn Beck loses his mind talking about healthcare - The Young Turks

Colbert on Glenn Beck's 9/12 project - Colbert Report

High tech culture - On the Media

Stephen Colbert study analyzed - On the Media

Fox News The New Liberals (Craig T Nelson) - Daily Show

Pizza Party - Slate


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