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Original Air Date: 12-15-22

Today, Jay!, Amanda, Erin, and Deon discuss:

- Why framing corporations are moral actors is a step on the path to conspiratorial thinking

- Conservative framing that doesn't make them look as good as they think it does

- Indoctrination as a scare word

- Defining political topics that are beyond the scope of civil debate


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Tucker Carlson: Apple is covering for the Chinese government

Apple is willing to engage in global censorship: David Sack 

Apple CEO confronted over China protests 

Alito asks a hypothetical about a Black Santa at the mall who doesn't want to have his picture taken with a child dressed up in a KKK outfit.

Kanye STORMS OUT On Tim Pool After Claiming Jewish Cabal Is Targeting Him - The Majority Report 

MAHER: ‘Don’t Say Gay Law’ Could Have Been Called ‘Let’s Do Things the Way We Did 5 Years Ago Law’ 


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