Best of the Left Podcast : (2010/05/23) Horrifying health care aftermath (Health Care) (MP3)

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Edition #366
Horrifying health care aftermath

Act 1: Unethical bastards - Daily Show
Song 1: Slave song - Sade
Act 2: Post-game of just passed health bill - Blast the Right
Song 2: Suffer - Stretford End
Act 3: Angry reactions to health care law - It's all politics
Song 3: A-Punk - Vampire Weekend
Act 4: GOP strike back - Young Turks
Song 4: Scenic world - Beirut
Act 5: Well point and bartering with Michael Moore - Countdown
Song 5: Happy - Sister Hazel
Act 6: John Dingell on health care and finance - Daily Show
Song 6: Tin man - The Avett Brothers
Act 7: Fox says you'll go to jail - Fox News Channel
Song 7: Red Rain - REM w/ Peter Gabriel and Natalie Merchant
Act 8: O'Reilly attempts to rewrite history - Young Turks

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Sue Lowden on chickens for healthcare - Colbert Report

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