Best of the Left Podcast : (2010/03/13) Situation generally screwed up (Economics) (MP3)

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Edition #342

Situation generally screwed up


Act 1: New financial fight - Rachel Maddow

Act 2: Scott Patterson on The Quants - Daily Show

Act 3: Politicians admit they're owned by Wall Street - Young Turks

Act 4: Is the economic ship sinking and rats jumping ship - Thom Hartmann

Act 5: Elizabeth Warren interview - Real time with Bill Maher

Act 6: Elizabeth Warren interview - Daily Show

Act 7: Teeing off on Fareed Zakaria - Citizen Radio


Bonus iPhone/iPod Touch App Content:

Has Obama just become a Herbert Hoover Republican? - Thom Hartmann



Right Now - Van Halen

International Small Arms Traffic Blues - The Mountain Goats

From blown speakers - The New Pornographers

Scumbag - Green Day

Georgia on my mind - Willie Nelson

Kiss - Venga Boys


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