Best of the Left Podcast : #TBT #1243 The story of Socialism in America (Throwback)

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Original Air Date 1-22-2019

Today we take a look at socialism in America from our often violent response to the concept in the wake of the Russian Revolution through the recent revival in interest, driven primarily by the younger generation today

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Ch. 1: Red Dawn Americans and the Bolshevik Revolution - @BackStory - Air Date 11-9-17

One hundred years ago, Vladimir Lenin and his Bolshevik Party seized power in a revolution that would change the world. Today we explore how that distant revolution had an immediate impact in the United States.

Ch. 2: What the Russian Revolution Proved Possible - Empire Files - Air Date 12-18-17

To understand the context of this first socialist experiment, how it happened and what caused the many problems it faced, Abby Martin sits down with Brian Becker, a long-time socialist organizer.

Ch. 3: America’s Unofficial Religion - The War On An Idea Part 1 - Empire Files - Air Date 11-27-17

Everyone in the United States knows that “socialist” or “communist” is considered a bad word. How did things get that way? Abby Martin explores the history of anti-communism in America and the heavy repression of an idea that became an unofficial religion

Ch. 4: "Socialism" in the Air - On the Media - Air Date 7-27-18

The word "socialism" has been trending, appearing on op-ed pages, FOX News, ABC's The View and beyond. In this word watch, Bob speaks with another self-described socialist, Current Affairs editor-in-chief Nathan Robinson

Ch. 5: Americans are ready for socialism - @ThisIsHellRadio - Air Date 3-13-18

Columnist Elizabeth Bruenig looks beyond the failures of liberalism, to the possibilities of socialism. Elizabeth wrote the op-ed “It’s time to give socialism a try” at the Washington Post.

Ch. 6: Richard D. Wolff - What are Capitalism & Socialism? What differentiates them from each other? - acTVism Munich - Air Date 2-21-17

In this interview with Professor of Economics Emeritus (University of Massachusetts), Marxist economist and founder of Democracy at Work, Richard D. Wolff, we talk to him about Capitalism and Socialism.

Ch. 7: Why Are People Talking About Socialism? with Paul Jay - @TheRealNews - Air Date 1-2-19

Explaining why socialisms time may have come - the failures of capitalism

Ch. 8: Dr. Richard Wolff on Marxism 101: How Capitalism is Killing Itself - Empire Files - Air Date 11-28-17

Prof. Richard Wolff explains some tenets of how a modern socialists system could work

Ch. 9: America’s Unofficial Religion The War On An Idea Part 2 - Empire Files - Air Date 11-27-17

Capitalism can no longer compare itself with the dysfunctional Soviet Union but can only be compared to itself and it's failures

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