Best of the Left Podcast : #TBT #514 The manufactured debt crisis (Throwback)

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Original Air Date 8-2-2011

Today we take a hard look at the debt ceiling debate of 2011 because we’re going through the exact same thing right now with only a few of the names changed

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Ch. 1: Debt Ceiling Fight Is Fake - Young Turks - Air Date 6-20-11

Ch. 2: Debt Ceiling Hypocrisy - Jim Hightower - Air Date: 7-11-11

Ch. 3: Armadebtdon 2011: National Bullshit Ceiling - The Daily Show - Air Date 7-18-11

Ch. 4: Lincoln, the 14th amendment and full faith and credit of the U.S. - Rachel Maddow Show - Air Date: 7-26-11

Ch. 5: Media covering Obama and the debt negotiation - Counterspin - Air Date 7-28-11

Ch. 6: Rhetoric Surrounding Debt Ceiling Debate Gets Ridiculous - Media Matters - Air Date 7-12-11

Ch. 7: Debt to America! - The Bugle - Air Date 7-28-11

Ch. 8: Manufactured crises get solved easily and cynically - Common Sense - Air Date 7-20-11

Ch. 9: Who's lying more? - On the Media - Air Date 7-29-11

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