Best of the Left Podcast : (2010/03/09) The Blair House Project (I didn't make the joke first) (Health Care) (MP3)

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Edition #340

The Blair House Project (I didn't make the joke first)


Act 1: Summit's eve - Daily Show

Act 2: Help - Health care special comment - Countdown

Act 3: Wrap up of health care summit - Young Turks

Act 4: Name calling, racist attacks from right - Media Matters

Act 5: Reviewing the health care summit - Wait wait don't tell me

Act 6: Lies about 'nuclear option' - Rachel Maddow

Act 7: Conflating nuclear option and reconciliation - Media Matters

Act 8: The med menace - Daily Show

Act 9: Obama disses single-payer systems - Young Turks

Act 10: Mocking the uninsured - Media Matters

Act 11: Health care by Easter - Rachel Maddow


Bonus iPhone/iPod Touch App Content:

Health Care Magic - Colbert Report



Disappointment - The Cranberries

Help - Howie Day

Les Jours Tristes - Yann Tiersen

You were the last high -  The Dandy Warhols

A Quai - Yann Tiersen

Rapture - Laura Veirs

Comptine D'un Autre Été: L'après Midi - Yann Tiersen


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