Best of the Left Podcast : (2010/03/31) The new law of the land Part 1 (Health Care) (MP3)

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Edition #347

The new law of the land Part 1


Act 1: Obama's signing speech - Countdown

Act 2: Health in the USA - The Bugle

Act 3: Reason to celebrate - Political Scene

Act 4: What happens now - Rachel Maddow

Act 5: Looking back on dire predictions - Media Matters

Act 6: Media misinforms on health debate - On the Media

Act 7: Misleading right up until the vote - Counterspin

Act 8: Passing it and talk of repeal - Wait wait don't tell me

Act 9: The perfect was the enemy of the mediocre - The Progressive

Act 10: The debate is crystal clear - Rachel Maddow

Act 11: Revised school house rock - On the Media


Bonus iPhone/iPod Touch App Content:

Pros and Cons of the Health Care Reform Bill - Young Turks



Liquid Sun - The Beginning (A New Hope) (club mix) - DJ Keoki

At the club - SM-Trax

We set ourselves free - Club 8

A Quai - Yann Tiersen

Blue Monday - New Order

If I ever feel better - Phoenix

Everybody's free - Rozalla

Resurection (space club mix) - PPK

The world is new - Save Ferris


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