Best of the Left Podcast : (2010/05/11) The Police State Welcomes You (Immigration) (MP3)

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Edition #361
The Police State Welcomes You

Act 1: Boycotting AZ, teas and otherwise - Wait wait don't tell me
Song 1: Tea for the Tillerman - Cat Stevens
Act 2: AZ law spurs immigration reform - Rachel Maddow
Song 2: Different People - No Doubt
Act 3: AZ Sheriff rips new law - Young Turks
Song 3: Stand - R.E.M.
Act 4: Law and Border - Daily Show
Song 4: I miss you - Blink 182
Act 5: O'Reilly grasping to support AZ law - Counterspin
Song 5: See you on the other side - Ozzy Osbourn
Act 6: Papers please amendments - Rachel Maddow
Song 6: Bouncing around the room - Phish
Act 7: The word - No Problemo - Colbert Report
Song 7: Mexico - The Refreshments
Act 8: Wrongful arrests happens already - Young Turks
Song 8: Still crazy after all these years - Paul Simon
Act 9: Police State Pete - Mark Fiore
Song 9: What I'm looking for - Brendan Benson
Act 10: AZ law writers are liars, racists - Rachel Maddow

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Suspicious Behavior on Cinco de Mayo - Daily Show

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