Best of the Left Podcast : (2010/07/21) The state of the empire (Foreign Policy)

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Edition #387

The state of the empire


Act 1: McChrystal article by Michael Hastings - Colbert Report

Song 1: The moment I said it - Imogen Heap

Act 2: Gaps in Afghan government - Rachel Maddow

Song 2: Out of our hands - Ikon

Act 3: UK investigating war crimes - Citizen Radio

Song 3: All American Girl - Train

Act 4: Judge sides with detainee in Guantanamo - The Progressive

Song 4: Shuffle your feet - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Act 5: Counter insurgency interview with General - Rachel Maddow

Song 5: Eve of destruction - Barry McGuire

Act 6: Odd couple Frank and Paul on military spending - NPR

Song 6: No need to argue - The Cranberries

Act 7: Obama authorizes assassinations on US citizens - Young Turks

Song 7: The perfect space - The Avett Brothers

Act 8: Afghanistan commentary - Rachel Maddow


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Petraeus takes over with same strategy - Rachel Maddow


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