Best of the Left Podcast : (2010/05/29) Their fault, our fault, your fault, my fault (Oil Spill) (MP3)

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Edition #368 
Their fault, our fault, your fault, my fault

Act 1: Proud to be British - The Bugle
Song 1: Crazy train - Ozzy Osbourn
Act 2: GOP runs from drill baby drill - Young Turks
Song 2: Accidental Mambo - Mambo All-Stars
Act 3: Impacts and comparisons - On the Media
Song 3: Sea - George Winston
Act 4: Spreading the blame - BBC News Quiz
Song 4: Hole in the bucket - Spearhead
Act 5: Oil spills not a big deal - Counterspin
Song 5: Don't worry baby - The Beach Boys
Act 6: Texas Gov blames God for spill - Young Turks
Song 6: Better days - Citizen King
Act 7: Oil spill results in improved wildlife viscosity - The Onion
Song 7: A beautiful world - Tim Myers
Act 8: Political consequences - The Political Scene
Song 8: Heart still beating - Ottmar Liebert
Act 9: Oil spill is your fault - Mark Fiore
Song 9: Anthem Pt. 1 - Blink 182
Act 10: Getting off of oil - Bill Maher
Song 10: In the aeroplane over the sea - Neutral Milk Hotel
Act 11: Oil containment solutions randomizer - Colbert Report
Song 11: Shove it - Santigold
Act 12: Lasting legacy of oil spills - Rachel Maddow

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There Will Be Blame - Daily Show

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