Best of the Left Podcast : (2010/03/03) They're dickholes, but they're smart (Economics) (MP3)

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Edition #338

They're dickholes, but they're smart


Act 1: Rush Limbaugh wants you to get screwed - Young Turks

Act 2: Area CEO doesn't have time for this crap - The Onion

Act 3: Inherent racism in Tea Party movement - Countdown

Act 4: Thomas Frank Part 1 - Moyers' Journal

Act 5: New cereal for poor stays crunchy in water - The Onion

Act 6: Thomas Frank Part 2 - Moyers' Journal

Act 7: David Brooks says to raise taxes on middle class - Counterspin

Act 8: Devastating quotes from top economists - Young Turks

Act 9: Make it rain - Daily Show

Act 10: Obama out to lunch on banker bonuses - The Progressive

Act 11: B of A attacked through YouTube - Daily Show


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Fire Departments Billing Homeowners to Put Out Fires! - Young Turks



Smile like you mean it - The Killers

Not enough time - Inxs

Look at you - My Morning Jacket

Hard luck story - Men at work

Happy meals - The Cardigans

Winter song - Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson

Young folks - Peter Bjorn And John

Where do I begin - The Chemical Brothers

Radio - One Ring Zero

Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before - The Smiths


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