Best of the Left Podcast : (2010/07/04) Wars, Crimes and War Crimes (Foreign Policy) (MP3)

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Edition #381

Wars, Crimes and War Crimes


Act 1: Back in Black - Mark Fiore

Song 1: Maple Leaf Rag - Scott Joplin

Act 2: Bush admits to war crimes - Countdown

Song 2: Turtle (Bonobo Remix) - Pilote

Act 3: Water-boarding is a no-brainer - Bill Maher

Song 3: Monster - The Automatic Automatic

Act 4: Water-boarding USA - Le Show

Song 4: Water-boarding USA - Harry Shearer

Act 5: Respect my authoritah - Daily Show

Song 5: Mount Doom (feat. Renée Fleming) - Howard Shore

Act 6: Following the constitution or not - Jimmy Dore

Song 6: California - Phantom Planet

Act 7: Sy Hersh story on battlefield executions - Young Turks

Song 7: You Got to Get Out of There - Dave Cross

Act 8: Comparing the Bush and Obama policies - Bill Maher

Song 8: Kyoko's House  ("stage blood is not enough") - Philip Glass

Act 9: U.S. Airliner Sajacked - The Onion

Song 9: Wheel of fortune - Kay Starr

Act 10: Interview with Republican on Miranda Rights - Jimmy Dore

Song 10: 1901 - Phoenix

Act 11: Clusterfuck to the war house - Korea and Middle East - Daily Show

Song 11: The Dead Heart - Midnight Oil

Act 12: Killing Number 3 - On the Media

Song 12: Feet to the fire - the hereafter

Act 13: Obama's Bush-like war comments - Young Turks


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Afghanistan Stability Chart - Daily Show


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