Best of the Left Podcast : (2010/03/07) Who, what and how we're fighting (GOP) (MP3)

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Edition #339

Who, what and how we're fighting


Act 1: CPAC 2010 Rage within the machine - Daily Show

Act 2: CPAC Conference - Rachel Maddow

Act 3: CPAC - US has the best health care - Young Turks

Act 4: Rage within the machine - Progressivism - Daily Show

Act 5: American's don't know R's block everything - Young Turks

Act 6: George Will totally consistent on filibuster = Counterspin

Act 7: Filibuster is too neat and simple - Bill Maher

Act 8: Let's go nuclear - Rachel Maddow

Act 9: Teabaggers and teabaggees - Ring of Fire

Act 10: Sarah Palin at Teabagger convention - Colbert Report


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AmeriGasm CPAC - Daily Show



Hello, My Treacherous Friends - OK GO

Graceland - Paul Simon

It's not impossible - Ben Sollee

Don't vote - Cass McCombs

Losers - The Cardigans

There's something wrong - Brad Sucks

One fine day - The Chiffons

Failure by design - Brand New

Be my angel - Mazzy Star


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