Best of the Left Podcast : (2010/06/08) You (nearly) have the right to remain honest (Gay Rights) (MP3)

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Edition #372

You (nearly) have the right to remain honest

Act 1: Un-gay - Mark Fiore

Song 1: It's the End of the World As We Know It - R.E.M.

Act 2: Alpha Dog of the Week - Colbert Report

Song 2: Dog days are over - Florence And The Machine

Act 3: Closeted gays hurting the rest - Rachel Maddow

Song 3: Unforgiven - Apocalyptica

Act 4: Teens turn gay spontainiously - Young Turks

Song 4: Jenny says - Cowboy Mouth

Act 5: New life in the closet - The Onion

Song 5: Brand new lover - Dead or alive

Act 6: They Gay - Colbert Report

Song 6: Take my hand - Dido

Act 7: DADT update - Young Turks

Song 7: When you're gone - The Cranberries

Act 8: Beginning on DADT - Rachel Maddow

Song 8: The Climb - No Doubt

Act 9: Good riddance to DADT - The Progressive

Song 9: This is not the end - The Bravery

Act 10: Can't trust gay soldiers - The Young Turks

Song 10: The passenger - Iggy Pop

Act 11: Discussion with Dan Savage - Countdown

Song 11: I'm looking through you - The Wallflowers

Act 12: On the road to overt sexuality - Young Turks

Song 12: Run around - Blues Traveler

Act 13: DADT nowhere near over - Rachel Maddow

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Family Research Council's European Gaycation - Daily Show

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